Powerful Colors: The Psychology of Color in Branding and Marketing Your Business

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Powerful Colors: The Psychology of Color in Branding and Marketing Your Business

When thinking about branding and marketing your business one of the first things that comes into consideration is what colors to use. Colors have a big impact on how we perceive a business and its marketing campaigns. Here we will go over some of the feelings associated with color and what affect they have on us.

Primary Colors

Red: A physical color, action oriented, high energy and strong. It also carries feelings of excitement and youthfulness.
Yellow: A warm, happy and playful color. It is optimistic and lifts peoples spirits while providing a feeling of warmth.
Blue: This is the most liked color universally. It evokes trust, dependability, honesty and strength.

Secondary Colors

Green: This is a color of vitality and growth. It is associated with balance, peace and harmony.
Orange: A color that evokes affordability and an energy of creation along with a friendly confidence.
Violet: This color creates the sense of high quality or premium products, sophistication and power. It can also evoke creativity and imagination.

Other Colors

Black: A color of authority. It denotes power and intimidation. It can also exude confidence.
Magenta: This color brings out the sense of harmony and emotional balance. It represents compassion, support and kindness. Pink: A color that implies nurturing, compassion and is comforting. A non-threatening color most commonly associated with feminine businesses.
Silver: Creates a modern, sophisticated feeling. Also associated with patience and dignity.
Turquoise: This is a color related to calming, invigoration, inspiration and cleanliness.
Brown: A color that evokes earthiness, strength, solidarity, reliability and maturity. Brown evokes feelings of security and endurance.
Grey: A neutral color that conveys balance, reliability, modesty and maturity. Gray is a good color to combine with others to give it life.

 Color Wheel-Psychology of Color for Marketing and Branding

In picking colors for marketing and branding, colors have different meanings for different people. The impact of colors on brands and marketing are important factors but the main factor is if the customer feels the colors used are appropriate for the brands being marketed. Picking a color scheme has a lot to do with predicting if consumers will feel the color represents the brand appropriately. Choose wisely based upon the traits you want to exhibit and you should have a more effective marketing campaign.

James Faulkner is SodaPop Media’s Content Manager and Creative Director.

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