Presentation Design

Impress your audience with high impact, effective & visually appealing presentations

You only have one chance to make a first impression, so make it a good one.

SodaPop Media® offers over two decades of experience designing and creating rich-media presentations for a variety of industries and some of the most recognizable brands. Making a strong first impression is important, and our team of presentation designers and multimedia specialists will take the time to craft an engaging presentation for maximum impact.

  • Fully custom, visual and dynamic
  • Animation and interactivity
  • Multimedia and voice-overs
  • Powerful, effective, and attention-grabbing
  • Fast turnaround
Astea International Sales and Marketing PowerPoint Presentation Design and Development

Astea International Sales and Marketing Presentation

Orthofix Tradeshow Interactive Monitor Presentation Design and Development

Orthofix Multimedia Presentation

Samsung Dealership Rewards Presentation Design and Development

Samsung Dealership Rewards Presentation

PowerPoint Presentation

View Our Presentation Design Work SamplesPowerPoint is probably the most widely used presentation tool in the corporate world. Most corporate executives know how to edit PowerPoint content but how many are professional multimedia/interactive designers? Many companies make the mistake of creating poor quality presentations in-house.

SodaPop Media can help you save time by allowing you to focus on more important tasks and what you do best. Our designers will ensure that each slide aligns with your brand’s core values with a consistent tone, style, and color throughout your presentation. The PowerPoint presentations we create include custom graphics, icons, illustrations and animation to deliver the “wow factor” and add impact.

Prezi Presentation

PreziPrezi is a visual presentation tool cloud-based (SaaS) presentation and storytelling tool employing a Zooming User Interface (ZUI) or zoomable canvas allowing users to zoom in and out of the presentation content. Prezi has become increasingly popular as visually engaging alternative to the PowerPoint presentation and many of our clients who are looking to replace their ordinary and linear slide based presentations. Some of the latest features include ability to create and save your presentations and work off-line. Prezi comes with online collaboration feature that allows up to 10 people to co-edit and show their presentations in real time. You can also create and view the presentation on your iPad and iPhone from anywhere. The iPad and iPhone touchscreen and multi-touch user interface enables users to pan, and pinch to zoom in or out of their media.

A high-impact, engaging presentation will help your products and services stand out from the competition and provide a great impact at any event, show or sales pitch you may be making. By striving to understand your brand, goals to be achieved, personalities of the presenters, behavioral aspects of the target audiences, presentation environment, involvement of technology and budgets, we ensure that your presentations equip you with the best-possible means of delivering your messages to the intended recipients.

Contact us today and let our team of presentation design experts help you present your ideas and business in a winning way.

Presentation Design Service Includes:

  • PowerPoint / Prezi Presentation Design
  • Custom PowerPoint Template Design
  • Corporate Business Presentation
  • Executive Keynotes
  • Marketing & Sales Presentation
  • Company and Board Meeting Presentation
  • Tradeshow Monitor Presentation
  • Multimedia Show
  • Litigation Presentation
  • Training, Onboarding and Orientation
  • Corporate and Investor Pitches
  • Teaser Slide Decks
  • Product Launches
  • Interactive Product Demo
  • On-Demand Online Interactive Presentation
  • Annual Meeting & Business Event Presentation
Swiss‐American CDMO Interactive Presentation

Swiss‐American CDMO Interactive Presentation

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