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Maximize Your Trade Show Exposure

How can you get more out of your trade show investment? Major exhibitions and local table-top venues still offer a tremendous opportunity to meet your target audience face-to-face and generate leads. Your exhibit booth is the centerpiece of your trade show presence. It needs to attract visitors with a clear, compelling message and eye-catching imagery that draw attention from across the convention floor.

SodaPop Media can help you capitalize on this opportunity in a variety of ways. Before the show, we can drive more traffic to your booth with pre-show incentives, mail promotions and e-mail blasts promising your prospects compelling reasons to stop by. Once there, we can orchestrate and integrate the theme, graphics, and interactive presentations to get the most bang for your buck. Visitors to your booth won’t mind listening to your pitch if you offer something of value in exchange.

CASI Tradeshow Booth Graphics Design

CASI Tradeshow Booth Graphics Design

GlobeRanger Tradeshow Presentation Design and Development

GlobeRanger Tradeshow Booth, Monitor Presentation & Marketing Materials Design

Oakwood Worldwide a tradeshow kiosk presentation “Value Or No Value” (a parody to the famous “Deal Or No Deal” game show on TV)

Oakwood Worldwide “Value or No Value” Gameshow for Tradeshow

Booth Design and Graphics

SodaPop Media will take your message and distill it into a display that is powerful, understandable, and reinforces your brand. We have extensive experience with all types of large-format graphics, from smaller portable booths to large, multi-level tradeshow exhibits, and everything in between. We work with experienced, reliable booth printers and manufacturers and keep projects on time, and often at a surprisingly low cost.

We can help enhance your exhibition presence with a refreshing look at your booth and stand design and the use of high quality graphic panels. Well designed graphics are probably the most important element of any display. Graphic panels are the first thing that your potential clients will see of your stand from across the exhibition hall. From corporate logos to visually stimulating images, SodaPop Media can produce graphics to make your stand as attractive and inviting as possible.

Presentation Graphics

From self-running demos to keynote presentations, SodaPop helps innovative companies express their value proposition through professional, highly engaging and persuasive presentation graphics. We can work with presentations at any stage, from the nearly final to notes on a napkin. Our designers, editors and illustrators refine the text and flow, enhance the look and feel, and create powerful illustrations and diagrams that visually articulate your complex ideas.

The most effective trade show presentations tell a compelling story, with powerful examples and interesting and beautiful graphics. SodaPop has the design and development experience to take your strong message and convert it into a riveting and effective presentation. Engaging trade show presentations attract visitors and potential customers to your booth and featuring your company’s products and services. Active participants may possibly become your products’ advocates during and after the show.

A well defined message is the key to your success with a trade show presentation. Successful reception by the audience will help enhance your brand and ultimately help you meet your company’s marketing goals and objectives.

Direct Marketing

Strong booth graphics and powerful presentations mean little if there’s no audience. An effective trade show campaign goes beyond getting a lot of visitors to your booth. It involves a comprehensive strategy that includes pre-show and post-show marketing and promotion effort. We have expertise with the full range of marketing deliverables that surround a successful trade show presence including pre-show announcement and invitation mailers and e-mail campaigns, print ads, online ads, social media network, at-show promotions, promotional give-aways, and post-show follow-up to a targeted and interested audience. Contact us today to discuss your tradeshow graphics and presentation services needs.

Trade Show Graphics Service Includes:

  • Tradeshow Booth Backdrop Display
  • Exhibit Graphics
  • Tradeshow Graphic Banners
  • Interactive & Loop Presentation
  • Product Demo
  • Print Marketing Materials
  • Event Online Promotion & E-mail Invite
  • Visitor Registration
  • Engaging Tradeshow Presentation
  • Interactive Kiosk / Touch-screen UX/UI Design
  • Pre and Post-Event Marketing
WatchGuard Video Trade Show Graphics Design

WatchGuard Video Trade Show Graphics Design

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