Modern UI and Flat Design Trends Explained

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Modern UI and Flat Design Trends Explainedh

The majority of traffic that reaches a website is from individual seeking out information. Whether the primary purpose of your website is to sell a service or educate the masses, how visitors interact and navigate through its pages determines far more than how long they stay on the site. Modern UI and flat design trends are seeping into every corner of the Internet. With its focus on streamlined navigation and simple, yet attractive, design features, modern web design is constructed to lead visitors toward the end goal established by the website owner.

Modern UI Design Principles

Focused on Experience – Unfortunately, website visitors don’t remember all presented information; however, they do remember the feel of a site? The most powerful websites are those who construct not only effective content, but also fine-tuned user-experiences. It’s not necessarily the information that’s presented that’s the most important, but rather the emotional effects this information has on visitors. Therefore, modern UI designs are primarily focused on UX design elements, or user experience design.

Design Simplicity is Simply the Best – The most effective UI/UX design elements are those that precisely deliver information. Research has found site visitors are more prone to read content if design elements require them to focus on specific page sections. Since it takes as little as 0.5 seconds for a visitor to decide if they wish to continue investigating a site. The most effective way to achieve this design element is to hire a professional design team capable of producing the highest quality UI/UX elements.

Knowing When to be Creative – Creativity should be limited in terms of where the creativity is used. Elements such as navigation, logos and company names must always follow a standard design practice to prevent visitor confusion.

UX-UI and flat design

Flat Design Trends and UI/UX Design

Throughout the past several months, the flat design trend has popped up on mom-and-pop sites as well as Fortune 500 corporations. Unlike traditional design elements, which showcase gradients and shadows to create an visually dynamic interface. Instead, flat design elements focus on color and its ability to enhance content and website purpose.

Professional website designers who specialize in flat design elements understand the potential of this growing trend. Instead of relying on traditional color palettes, designers are beginning to experiment with newer color hues to provide a customized and engaging appearance.

Perhaps the most vital element of flat web design is crispness of graphics and navigation. Rather than distract visitors with shiny graphics and shadowed buttons, flat designs highlight your actual content and purpose. When done correctly, this design style navigates readers throughout content to ensure vital information is read and understood. Those running an online business or selling a service benefit the most from this design as it eliminates confusion due to sloppy and distracting design elements.

Whether you’re looking to re-design an existing site or create a new home for your business, choose a website designer capable of producing the highest quality UI/UX interface while simultaneously enhancing the visual beauty of the site with precise flat design elements.

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