Is a One Page Scrolling Site What You Need?

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Is a One Page Scrolling Site What You Need?

The utility and usability of a website, not necessarily its visual design elements, are what determines the success of a site. Did you know the average Internet user decides whether or not to continue investigating a website after only 0.5 seconds of review? Due to the short-lived attention span of modern web surfers, the design elements of a site is just as important than site content. While there’s a myriad of design options and elements site owners may choose, the newest trend seems to be a one page website.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of One Page Website Designs

A one page website, also referred to as a scrolling website in design circles, streamlines content and navigation to fit onto a single page. Unlike traditional websites, which feature a single page for a single topic, single page websites combine vital information into an easily-digestible page.

User-centric design elements are essential for success as it ensure all visitors receive the same, outstanding experience. With one page website designs, the entire site is designed around the studied habits of web users. Given that the majority of web users scan content instead of actually reading each line, sites must be designed to support this behavior. Perhaps the most interesting benefit of a one page design is how users navigate to important information. Concise and succinct information is the cornerstone of all successful websites in the modern Internet era. Single page websites are designed around this principle. It allows users to navigate through a site not through buttons and menu options, but through a narrative your web designer creates. As users scroll, the page automatically populates. Therefore, visitors are guided throughout the information discovery process instead of being left to their own devices.

Precisely guiding visitors through information and content blocks gives you a stronger grasp on how this information is received. Much like a novel, the best scrolling websites intrigue visitors to continue reading and then tell the “story” you wish to convey. Unlike traditional website designs, which rely on the interest of the visitor to discover vital information, one page websites streamlines and supports the release of this information. Businesses and individuals who benefit from this design element include digital media, landing pages for corporations and e-commerce sites. Take note, if your site is content-heavy, you may find single page websites to be too restricting.

While the benefits of single page designs are weighty, there are several drawbacks to its implementation. The most significant is the structure of information. If you’re unable to create and display vital information in a succinct manner, scrolling websites will likely confuse your visitors. In terms of SEO, multi-page sites tend to be more beneficial as you may target specific keywords and information on an individual page, which is highly regarded by search engine robots.

In our easily-distracted world, it’s essential website owners captivate visitors through graphics, content and layout. While several design techniques accomplish one or two of these elements, single page websites effectively combine all three requirements. Moreover, these elements are not lost when visitors view a scrolling website on a mobile device. Due to the simplistic nature of these websites, information isn’t watered down simply because visitors view your site on their mobile device or tablet.

While single page websites are proving to be invaluable for website owners, its implementation must be carried out by web designers who are fluent in its design principles. Sign up with our newsletter to learn more about the pros and cons of scrolling websites, as well as other industry-leading information.

Below are just a few samples.

One Page Website Sample 2
One Page Website Sample

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