Why Your Company Website Should Be Responsive

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Why Your Company Website Should Be Responsive

Does your website work just as well on a mobile device as it does on a desktop? If it doesn’t, you could be losing business.

Consider this, Google will be using mobile-friendly factors in its mobile search results starting on April 21, 2015. So, Google will start ranking your site higher if it’s mobile friendly. If your site isn’t mobile-friendly then you may be losing out to your competition!

According to PewResearch (pewinternet.org)

As of January 2014:

  • 90% of American adults have a cell phone
  • 58% of American adults have a smartphone
  • 32% of American adults own an e-reader
  • 42% of American adults own a tablet computer

These stats confirm that more internet users are accessing your website via their smart phone or tablet and this trend will only continue to rise. If you want users to have the best experience of your site no matter what device they’re using, you need a mobile plan for your website content. While you could create a second website designed specifically for mobile devices, it is easier and more cost efficient to create one website with responsive design.

Responsive web design is a way to make websites viewable on any device. This is achieved by creating scaling content and elements that allow for the smallest amount of panning and scrolling while still delivering the same important content as when your website is viewed on a desktop/laptop computer.

There are many reasons to have a responsive design. It is easier to update and provide marketing for a single website. It is also easier to set up your SEO for one site rather than two. It is also cheaper to develop one website with content optimized for all screen sizes than to develop multiple websites catering to different screen sizes and devices.

Almost all the new websites we create at SodaPop Media are responsive. Our clients enjoy the ease of have only one site to manage. Users enjoy the simplicity and comfort of knowing they are getting the same experience and functionality on any device they use.

Responsive website

Responsive design may not be right for all businesses and sites on the internet but having a mobile action plan for your site is a must. Contact us to find out more about responsive website design and if it fits into your needs for your web presence.

James Faulkner is SodaPop Media’s Content Manager and Creative Director.

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