Why You May Want an Applicant Tracking System

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Why You May Want an Applicant Tracking System

Even though you post on Facebook and tweet, you can’t find the right talent, and if you aren’t picking the right applicant tracking system, then your recruiting will also go to waste. By choosing a strong ATS, your results will get better, and the candidates will have greater experience. Hiring managers also see resumes that are on-target and align with what they need as well. These are some other ways that the benefits of ATS can vastly improve your hiring experience.

Company Profiles

There are multiple company profiles for any industry including enterprises, staffing agencies and small to medium businesses. You can use these to set up the best module to start recruiting for the type of employees you need.

Ease of Use

ATSYour team should be able to use the ATS with ease and minimal training. This saves time and money while your team also gets a lot of use out of the system, which makes the investment more worthwhile. With features like applicant tracing, social recruiting media, branded career portals and reporting dashboards, you can use the recruiting software to give organizations the tools that they need to hire the right people.

Recruit Smarter

Social recruiting tools give you the ability to post openings on thousands of different job boards and social media sites. You can use Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and more to find candidates that are highly qualified for the positions you need to fill.

Process Applicants Faster

Processing applicants does offer some rewards, but processing applicants is also difficult. The right applicant tracking systems can reduce the amount of applicants that you need to process for each open position. The system will provide you with pre-scored and ranked formats to process all applicants accurately. With these features, you can focus on processing the right candidates and never waste time on unqualified applicants that will clutter your inbox.

A Collaborative Process

Even if you do all the hiring yourself, you probably have a team who you work with. Most likely, hiring managers and field supervisors get involved to help you evaluate applicants and prequalify them for interviews.

Web-based tools and simple applicant tracking systems make hiring into a collaborative process. The benefits of ATS allow you to involve everyone on the process to make it more efficient and fast. You should be able to include everyone with an applicant tracing system, whether it’s your HR team or people in the corporate office. The collaboration with an ATS makes it simpler to coordinate with all of your different departments.

The frustrating part of hiring doesn’t have to be frustrating any more with the right ATS. If candidates have to go through a lengthy process to get a job, they might not even bother with the application.

Learn more about this ATS that has changed the way businesses find the right people for your business. Cut down your hiring time and bring your collaboration online with an incredible application tracking system.

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James Faulkner is SodaPop Media’s Content Manager and Creative Director.

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