Why E-learning Courses Are Effective For Businesses

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Why E-learning Courses Are Effective For Businesses

In today’s modern world, getting your workforce trained up is easier and less expensive than ever before with the help of e-learning. Using online sources can save your staff time as they now can take classes, in work training and even earn a college degree online. Through e-learning it’s possible to improve your employees skill sets in less time than you might think and at competitive rates to boot.

E-learning: What is it?

E-learning is broadly defined as learning that is done via non-traditional means using web based, computerized, or video technologies.

These can take the form of:

  • E-Books
  • Video training
  • Classes done via software
  • Online sources, which often mimics video classroom style training. But in the form of viewable or downloaded modules
  • Traditional classes view through a web browser
  • IPod lessons
  • MP3 audio programs
  • MP4/AVI/MPEG videos programs that have all but replaced the VHS training tapes that used to be viewed at most corporate training centers back in the day.

Benefits of E-learning

There are a huge number of benefits of to be gained by using e-learning for businesses. Below are just a few of the ways in which e-learning can benefit your organization.


In todays busy work environment it can often be difficult to find a time which suits everyone for in-service training or additional e-learning programs. One of the many benefits of e-learning is that classes can be fitted to the employee’s work schedule. The company schedule can also be taken into account.

Automatic Monitoring and Grading of Work Done

You can very easily assess employees as they progress through the course and see how they are performing. If employees are having difficulty with a certain element of the course, you can develop extra material in that area. Automatic grading also means less time and money spent on this task.

One Instructor Can Train Thousands of Students

An organization need only employ one instructor to train hundreds or even thousands of employees. It is much easier for a company to coordinate with one instructor than to work with multiple instructors. This of course will also lead to savings in the e-learning course.

A library of programs can be created

Creating a series of training programs is a very achievable and straight forward through e-learning. Another of the great benefits of e-learning programs is that they can be reused. Every new employee to your company can go through identical training tailored to your organizations requirements.

Create Classes, As You Need Them

Classes can be created that are cutting edge and match the changes in technology or when business paradigms change. Should you introduce a new system company wide then one e-learning program is all you need to bring everyone up to date. What’s more is you can meet the student’s learning style and fit the presented material to the different modalities people use best to learn.

24×7 Access to Lessons

Students learning through e-learning really have no excuse when it comes to studying as the materials are always available. From a business standpoint this means that you are doing everything in your power to provide excellent access to the material, giving the employees no excuse not to have it covered.

Geographical Distances are Eliminated

Employees who live further away from your business premises may not be able to easily attend more traditional seminars or training. E-learning eliminates this issue, as long as they have access to an internet connection you can be sure your training is being delivered.

Downloadable Materials

Having the course materials easily downloadable not only means easy access to the material for your employees but it also means there are no printing costs for the company. Employees can also read the material online further eliminating the need for printing.

Easy to update

As processes change, it is simple to adapt or change existing e-learning courses to bring them inline with new requirements.

E-learning effectiveness

E-learning is not only an efficient learning or training tool for business, e-learning effectiveness should be considered too. E-learning has been proven to reduce learning time and to enhance the retention of the material studied. Participants can learn at their own speed, which contributes to overall success of the process.

Through e-learning, a business can expect to get a better trained, more motivated and happier employee. Completing a specially designed e-learning course can lead to a sense of mastery and accomplishment. Taking the course at the same time as other employees creates a sense of camaraderie between workers, which leads to a healthier, happier workforce.

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James Faulkner is SodaPop Media’s Content Manager and Creative Director.

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