What You Need to Know About the Google Pigeon Update If You’re Using Local Search

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What You Need to Know About the Google Pigeon Update If You’re Using Local Search

If you rely on Google local search to get leads for your local business, then you may be a bit panicked hearing about the latest “Pigeon” Update.

Google’s updates are notorious for inducing stress for business owners. This one has been no different if chatter across the web-o-sphere is any indication.

However, it’s always best not to panic until you know the full story…and until the dust settles. These things tend to work themselves out in the end. Sometimes for the best for those doing things correctly with design and SEO strategy… or for the worst if not.

Now is just too soon to panic.

Google Pigeon Update

What Is the “Pigeon Update” and Why Is It Happening?

The “Pigeon Update” is Google’s way of bringing their more traditional search algorithm to the local search results. In other words, when you search for a local business, Google does their very best to bring you highly relevant results – in regards to where you were searching from, and what you were searching for. So if you’re searching for pizza delivery in Lewisville, TX…Google has a certain algorithm in place to give you relevant results and get a pizza on your table as fast as possible. Only Google knows for sure what prompted this newest tweaking of the algorithms. You can be sure that it’s been done to enhance the user’s experience.

What Have Been the Consequences So Far?

So far it seems that the winners are the local directory sites. Sites like Yelp, Grub Hub, and TripAdvisor are filling up much of those first page results.

Again…it’s much too soon to panic. These sites have a great deal of content and authority.. An algorithm update is never a perfect procedure. Many tweaks seem to take place in each and every update.

During this time results change and bounce around often. More often than not, they result in chaos, and then back to logical structure.

One thing is for sure…

Google seems to be favoring local businesses rather than brands like Pizza Hut or Domino’s for instance. There are still local business websites popping up on the first page of results. These sites tend to have a very strong structure and design, and employ solid SEO practices.

Google has a history of rewarding those websites who are doing things right.

What are those things?

  • Highly relevant content
  • Frequent content that’s new
  • Title Tags and SEO structure that tell Google what what each page on your site is about
  • Easy readability
  • And tons of interaction from readers (social networking in place)..

Google strives for excellence in relevance. Your job is to simply always give them what they want. As long as you’re doing these things for local search, when the dust settles your site will very likely be rewarded.

The time to tune up your website is NOW! Rise to (or remain) at the top of the SERP’s for your area…

Click here or give us a call now at (214) 390-3700 so that we can look over your local business website and help you set it up so that Google has no choice but to rank it within the local results of your area… despite of the new “Pigeon Update”.

James Faulkner is SodaPop Media’s Content Manager and Creative Director.

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